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Team League - play a big league season
Age groups 8U, 9U, 10U, 11U, 12U PLAYING Spring 2017

regular season will be April to June

Travel Teams Play a REGULAR League Season

Local sites will be used across Charlotte to host games to help alleviate the travel and time away from home, yet still give teams quality competition and lots of games. There will be a regular season with play during the week at a local site in your area against another local team. Then one day on the weekends play a double-header against across town teams in the league. Play three weekends (six games) and three weekday games each month.


Top 8 teams in each age bracket will advance to participate in the playoffs to reach a true team Champion!!

Enter a Team

Entire teams will enter as a group to compete and play together in the league format in the Charlotte Metro area.

Enter an individual to play with Concord A's

Individuals can connect with Concord Athletics organization to play in the league for 8U, 9U, 10U, 11U & 12U. To tryout for a Concord A's team, visit www.ConcordAthletics.org for info or email to register for tryouts:

Saturday, December 3rd/10th

Core Athletics Champions League

The Core Champions League seeks to provide a healthier alternative to showcase baseball and traditional travel ball tournaments with the convenience of playing locally.  Our love of the game and our goal to develop talented athletes has brought this league to fruition.  

We have seen a increasing number of injuries to baseball players' elbows, shoulders, hips, and backs.  Many of these preventable injuries are due to the athletes competing tired after playing up to six games in two days.  Even the athletes that have great mechanics are seeing injuries to the growth plates due to the stress of playing fatigued and coming out of their mechanics.  Also, we see coaches tired which leads them to not correcting their players to run out all plays or staying true to their footwork, but who can really blame them!

This league will foster competitive play across the top teams in Charlotte to compete safely with proper rest so the players can play at their best.

Goals for the Champions League

  1. 1. Compete in a healthy environment and not over-play on weekends
  2. 2. Build locally based teams that have a future together
  3. 3. Develop proper fundamentals & skills of the game
  4. 4. Focus on winning games and how to compete with good sportsmanship
  5. 5. Give families their weekends back
  6. 6. No gate fees - huge saving on total costs
  7. 7. Limited travel in Charlotte (1-2days a month)- saving money in gas/food.
  8. 8. Coaches clinics with a focus on developing players mind, body, and soul.

Teams that are interested in playing can contact David Darwin, info@mycoreathletics.com or call 704-786-BALL (2255)